Public Records Request

Update to Public Records Requests Under Governor's Proclamation 20-28
Per Governor Inslee's Proclamation 20-28, effective March 24, 2020 until midnight April 23, 2020, all public agencies must still respond to Public Records Act (RCW 42.56) requests during the COVID-19 outbreak. However:

  • Proclamation 20-28 temporarily suspends Public Records Act (PRA) language requiring agencies to provide an ability for the public to conduct PRA business at an agency office, in-person, such as in-person inspection of records or in-person submission of PRA requests;
  • Proclamation 20-28 also temporarily suspends the PRA requirement that agency offices must be open for public inspection and copying of public records for a minimum of 30 hours per week. Agencies must still have their hours posted on their websites ( Benton County office hours are available here, on office websites, or by calling the office you wish to contact); and
  • Proclamation 20-28 also temporarily suspends the PRA requirement that agencies respond to PRA requests within five (5) business days.

Information Relating to Public Record Requests

Benton County has implemented provisions of chapter 42.56 RCW relating to public records of the County through chapter 5.14 of the Benton County Code.  The purpose of Benton County Code 5.14 is to provide rules for the County to implement provisions of chapter 42.56 RCW and provide guidance to the public in obtaining access to public records, either for inspection or copying of non-exempt public records.


Chapter 5.14, Public Records, by which the County fulfills public records requests pursuant to RCW 42.56, may be viewed below:

Benton County Code 5.14 is not intended to provide rules for access to court documents as chapter 42.56 RCW does not apply to court documents.  This code is also not intended to provide rules regarding access to public records of the State of Washington or the federal government, such as the Judicial Information System (JIS) and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), even though these documents may be available at computer stations located in Benton County

Making a Public Records Request

To make a public record request, individuals may fill out a Public Records Request Form and email or mail it to a Benton County Public Records Officer, who are identified by department.


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