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Our Mission: The Benton County Public Works Department strives to provide the highest quality roadway and infrastructure to the public through prudent use of resources, technology, innovation, and teamwork.

Our Vision: Working for the community to establish and maintain an exceptional road and public works infrastructure system through dedicated staff, effective construction, rigorous maintenance, and exemplary service.

How Do I…?

…get permits

…report a road problem

…bid on county projects or proposals

...view the Benton County road map

…find standards and specifications

…find road closures

…find out about snow removal
...donate or dispose of household hazardous waste

* For information regarding what changes may be happening in your area, please scroll down to the News Section of this page.
 * For information regarding work being done by the County along the roads, please click on the Projects link on the sidebar. 

* For Temporary, Short and Long Term Road Closure information, please click on the Road Closures link on the sidebar

Tip of the Month: 
May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

With spring finally here and the weather improving, more and more motorcyclists are on the road.  For that reason, both Motorcycle riders and Vehicle drivers, need to be aware of their surroundings when on the road.  Awareness is key for avoiding accidents.  

As a motorcyclist, it is important that you have a Motorcycle Endorsement and the proper safety gear.  The safety gear may help you survive if you end up in an accident.
  Make sure that the helmet you are wearing is the proper size.  This will ensure the best protection based on the type of helmet you choose.  Also, do a safety check of your motorcycle.  Are all your lights working?  Brakes in good working condition?  How about your tires?  If you find any issues, get them fixed right away.  This can make all the difference for your safety.  Additionally, you need to be constantly aware of your surroundings.  

As a motorist, whether you drive a passenger vehicle or a commercial vehicle, you need to double check your blind spots to be aware of what is around you before changing lanes.  Motorcycles are smaller than most vehicles, so they can be easier to miss.  Don’t rely solely on your side and rearview mirrors.  Turn your head and look over your shoulder before changing lanes.  Also, don’t allow yourself to be a distracted driver.  Don’t use your phone, change the radio setting or anything else distracting while driving.  Again, the more aware you are, the better chance you have of avoiding an accident.  Knowing the challenges that motorcyclists have to deal with, such as downshifting or weaving to avoid something in their lane, will assist in the motorist anticipating these actions and knowing how to react.  

For more Motorcycle Safety Information go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website by clicking here.

State Travel Information Websites

Before heading on a trip, check with the following agencies:
Washington State Department of Transportation (
Oregon Department of Transportation (
Idaho Department of Transportation (

*For your daily commute, check with your local news and city website(s) for concerns and construction projects. 



As of February 14, 2019, a restriction on through traffic will be placed on the following County Roads in the Finley Area.  It shall be unlawful for any truck to operate on these roadways except for the purpose of making local deliveries.  Signs are posted indicating the restriction areas. 

- Bowles Road from SR 397 to Haney Road
- Cochran Road from SR 397 to Haney Road
- Haney Road from SR 397 to Game Farm Road
- Finley Road from SR 397 to SR 397
- Nine Canyon Road from SR 397 to Game Farm Road.


On January 29, 2019, new reduced speed limits were approved for several roads in the Prosser and Finley areas.  Originally, these roads were unmarked country roads and their speed limit was 50 MPH.  Please see below for a list of the roads and their new speed limit.  The new reduced speed limits will be effective once the speed limit signs have been postedTo see a map of these roads, click the link below. 


Albro Road – 25 MPH
Bone Road – 25 MPH
County Line Road – 30 MPH 
Griffin Road – 35 MPH 
Johnson Road – 35 MPH 
King Tull Road – 35 MPH 
Sievers Road – 35 MPH 
Atwood Road – 40 MPH 
Missimer Road – 40 MPH 
Wilgus Road – 40 MPH 

Finley (map): 
Sloan Road – 35 MPH 
Sloan Court – 35 MPH 

In an effort to keep the citizens of Benton County informed, upcoming construction projects are posted on the County's Facebook page, you can also find information about closures and detours on the main Benton County website.
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