Historic Preservation Grant Program

Benton County has established the Historic Preservation Grant (HPG) Program to promote historic preservation or historic programs within the borders of Benton County to increase knowledge and service to residents, and better preserve, exhibit, and interpret historic items.

2018 Grant Recipients

Congratulations to all of our 2018 grant recipients! Grants awarded in 2018 totaled $51,310.00.

Benton County Museum & Historical Society
Special Displays & Artifact Preservation project will purchase special exhibit cases, restore 2 historical quilts, and create custom cases to store a collection of Prosser Record-Bulletin newspapers.
Grant funds awarded: $8,512.00

Benton-Franklin Council of Governments
Historical Document Preservation & Archiving project will cover the expense of cataloging, organizing, scanning, and archiving documents currently held by the BFCOG and would work in conjunction with the Washington State Archive’s Central Region Branch.
Grant funds awarded: $10,000.00

East Benton County Museum
Conservation, Stabilization, and Accessibility project will upgrade their Past Perfect museum management software, allowing for additional digital storage capacity and users, as well as purchase archival and collections supplies and equipment to stabilize and house objects and artifacts within the museum.
Grant funds awarded: $8,000.00

Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership
Kennewick History Kiosk Upgrade project will restore five (5) kiosks located in Downtown Kennewick. The current kiosks are old, sun-damaged, and some have been vandalized. The project will replace the existing kiosks with new graphics and plexiglass covers.
Grant funds awarded: $2,960.00

REACH Museum
Artifact Exhibition & Preservation project will replace some of their existing exhibit furniture and purchase preservation materials for fragile specimens and artifacts, for display in the museum.
Grant funds awarded: $5,473.00

Valley Theater Company - Princess Theatre
Princess Theatre Phase II Facade Improvement project will repair and upgrade the marquee window in the theatre facade, including installation of aluminum framing, replacing the current window, and rebuilding interior doors. The project is anticipated to be completed Fall 2018.
Grant funds awarded: $6,300.00

Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop
Historic Self-Guided Walking & Bicycle Tour Maps & Passport project will create area maps for community use for educational walking and bicycling experiences in the historic areas of Benton County, starting with Downtown Kennewick. A map will be created, in conjunction with a passport booklet, which will encourage community engagement with historic points of interest and historic information.
Grant funds awarded: $4,800.00

White Bluffs Quilt Museum - Native American Heritage Month
Native American Heritage Month program is a program offered in November each year to educate the public on the history of local Native American tribes, with new information and presentations each year.
Grant funds awarded: $2,240.00

White Bluffs Quilt Museum - Quilt Index
Quilt Index project will purchase supplies and materials as well as assist with publicity for the Quilt Index, a database for document historic quilts and fabrics, and will preserve historic textiles, quilts, and other artifacts.
Grant funds awarded: $3,025.00


Supporting Information

RCW 36.22.170: Surcharge for preservation of historical documents - Distribution of revenue to county and state treasurer - Creation of account

Resolution 07-619: In the Matter of Establishing the Historical Preservation Fund Number 0157-101

Resolution 08-898: In the Matter of Appointing and Authorizing the Benton County Treasurer Duane Davidson as the Charter Chairman to the Benton County Historical Preservation Cooperative (BCGPC)

Resolution 2018-027: In the Matter of Facilitating the Benton County Historic Preservation Grant Program and Grant Advisory Committee, and Rescinding Resolution 08-898



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