Inmate Accounts

Commissary Accounts

Separate accounts are now maintained for inmate phones and commissary.  Commissary Accounts are used to track all expenses while in jail, except phone expenses.  This primarily includes medical expenses and commissary orders.  Money may be added to commissary accounts in the following ways.


  • Online – Access Corrections, formerly CyberSuite, is the jails provider of inmate deposit services.  This is often the most convenient way to add funds to an inmates account.  See their website for fee information and instructions.
  • By phone – Deposits can also be made via Access Corrections phone service by calling 1-866-345-1884.
  • Lobby Kiosk – There is an ATM-style Kiosk located in the Jail Lobby that accepts cash only.
  • Mail – Cashier's Checks and Money Orders can be mailed to inmates.  Once received and processed these will be placed on the inmate's account.  This may take several days.
  • Lobby Window – The clerks at the lobby window DO NOT accept money for inmate's commissary accounts but DO take payments for debt balances and all fees related to inmate programs (work release, home monitoring, and work crew).
  • Friends and Family - Members can order hygiene products, writing materials, food and snacks by using the website, or by calling 800.546.6283.


Funding Phone Calls

Inmates can use their commissary account to pay for outgoing phone calls, funds can be deposited using the instruction in the section above.  Alternatively, if you wish to add funds exclusive so that the inmate can call your number then you may create an account with IC Solutions and add funds for that purpose. 

Funds may be deposited by:
  1. Going online to to create an account (only have to set up an account once)        
  2. Or, call 866-506-8407

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