Jail Life

Daily Life

An inmate's daily life in jail depends largely on what classification level they are assigned and what unit they are assigned to.  Inmates are allowed out of their cells or assigned sleeping areas for 3 to 16 hours per day, depending on which housing unit they are in.  Inmates with the lowest custody classifications are generally assigned to housing units with the most “time out.”  These times can vary as needed for disciplinary sanctions or to ensure the safety and security of our inmates, officers and facility.



Inmates are allowed to communicate with the outside world via US Mail, telephone and through video visitation. 

·        Mail - Indigent inmates are provided with 3 postage paid envelopes per week.  Inmates with money on their commissary accounts are expected to purchase their own envelopes. More info…

·        Telephone – Inmates may use the telephone during their “out time.” They are allowed to make collect calls, or to purchase calling cards from commissary. In addition people in the community can establish a pre-paid account with the jail's phone service provider. More info…

·        Video Visitation – Visitation is allowed via video conference terminals that are located in each housing unit.  These terminals are connected to similar terminals in the jail lobby.  Visitors from outside the local area may be accommodated via Internet visitation. More info…



Inmates at the Benton County Jail have access to a commissary service. This service provides them with the opportunity to purchase things that they may need while incarcerated. Items available include: personal hygiene, snack food, correspondence materials, drawing supplies, playing cards, and phone cards.


Inmates accounts are maintained by our commissary clerks and all expense incurred while incarcerated here are charged to that account including fees for medical care. Debts owed to the County from previous incarcerations are collected as money is deposited at a 60/40 split.


Additional information on adding money to inmate accounts is available here.


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