Assessed Value and General Information

What are the responsibilities of the Assessor’s office?

What is a change of value notice?

How is real property appraised?

How is personal property valued?

What is market value?

How often does Benton County appraise property?

Why may assessed values change from year to year?

Appealing your Assessed Value

Who do I contact with questions regarding my new value?

What can I do if I disagree with the Assessed value of my property?

What is the Board of Equalization?

When do I file the BOE petition?

How is an appeal processed?

Levy limits and Taxing Districts

How do the taxing districts set the tax amount?

What is a Tax Code Area (TCA)?

What is the statutory rate limit?

What is the $5.90 limit?

What is the 1% Constitutional limit?

What is Initiative 747?


Senior Citizen and Disabled Person Exemption Program

What is the maximum amount of income I can make and be eligible for the program?

Must I own the home I live in to be eligible for the program?

Will this exemption become a lien on my property?

Do I need to re-apply every year


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