Code Enforcement

Washington's state and local governments have enacted various building and zoning codes to protect your life, health, and property. Likewise, state law requires jurisdictions to provide comprehensive building code enforcement services, including plan reviews and site inspections. The building official administers enforcement of these codes and assists the community and other agencies with building related issues. 

If you suspect that a building or zoning violation is occurring, you can file a written complaint (Request for Investigation form). After you file the Request for Investigation, the Code Enforcement Officer will verify that the complaint is a valid code violation. If there is a code violation, he will contact the purported violator and advise them of the violation and that the violation must cease in order to comply with County code(s). In many cases, violations are brought into compliance within one to three months. The County has the authority to fine the owner and to issue citations if the owner is unwilling to comply with the code(s). 

Complaints of suspected code violation are to be submitted in writing on a  Request for Investigation Form. The form can be picked up at either the Prosser Office, 1002 Dudley Avenue, Prosser WA., or the Kennewick Office, 5600 W. Canal Drive; we can mail you a form; or you may print the form we have provided on this web site.  

On the Investigation Form we require a thorough description of your complaint, the street address and/or the Tax Parcel ID number of the property on which the violation exists, and the name of the person causing the violation (if known). The required information can be obtained from the Benton County Assessor’s Office at 735-2394 (Tri-Cities) or 786-2046 (Prosser).  We will also need your name and telephone number. Your name will be kept confidential upon request but please be aware that if this action is taken to court this document and your information will be released and will become public. 

Unless an immediate life/safety hazard exists, written complaints will be requested. 

Where should I file a complaint? 

The following types of violations should be referred to the Benton County Code Enforcement Officer, his office is located within the Planning Department physically at 1002 Dudley Avenue, Prosser with a mailing address of P.O. Box 910, Prosser, WA 99350. The phone number to reach the Code Enforcement Officer is (509) 222-2301.

  • Zoning code violations
  • Dangerous buildings
  • Illegal placement of mobile homes
  • Faulty new construction
  • Oversized and illegally placed signs
  • Right of way construction
  • Construction without a permit
  • Grading/excavation/filling
  • Junk cars
  • Shoreline Violations
  • Other land use violations, hazards or nuisances

The Benton Franklin Health District should be contacted regarding violations for on-site sewage system problems, wells, animal carcasses, animal waste, garbage/rodent problems and other environmental health problems.

The  Benton County Road Department should be contacted regarding road drainage and maintenance, traffic signs, or obstructions in County right of way. 

The  Benton County Sheriff should be contacted regarding noise problems/trespassing, public disturbance, loud noise, potentially dangerous animals and abandoned vehicles.  The non-emergency dispatch phone number is (509) 628-0333. 


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