Example Brand Guides
These brand standards guides (AKA "style guides") are just a few examples of different ways that brand guides can be formatted. Whether large or small, these guides are an important part to any redesign project as they provide some basic guidelines and dos and don'ts. Each flipbook can be expanded to full-screen for ease of reading.

Pima County, AZ
Pima County implemented a quick reference guide for day-to-day use. This guide will likely be used as an example when Benton County works on creation of its own guide - have a cheat-sheet is always helpful.

City of Richland, WA
Our partners at the City of Richland also have a branding standards guide, and it is one that is relatively simple but definitely effective. This is the length that would likely be very effective for Benton County to implement.

County of Marin, CA
The County of Marin has a slightly longer, more in-depth brand guide than the City of Richland but it is an excellent example to use for gaining a better understanding of brand/style guides. Of particular interest is their use of co-branding with other organizations and multiple logos. 

Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada
The Prince Edward County brand manual is a much lengthier version of what Benton County is seeking to pursue. However, it provides excellent examples of color use (reverse color, one color, and multi-colored logos on various colored or textured backgrounds). Their explanations of logo design variance and positioning is also excellent. These areas of focus can be found on pages 24-34.

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