Project Timeline & Progress
This timeline serves as a guide for staff to track the progress of the branding project. This timeline is tentative and subject to change at any time, but will be updated regularly to reflect changes. 

Project Timeline:
 Project Phase  Timeline (2017)
 Seek initial input from staff   Feb 14 - Mar 3
 Interpret input & report back  Mar 3 - 31
 Further feedback from staff  Apr 1 - 31
 Decide on path to go forward  May 1 - 15
 Draft final logo idea(s)  May 15-31
 Request artist rendering  June 1 - 30
 Create brand guide (in-house)   July 1 - 31
 Request approval/adoption*   Aug 8

*Request for approval/adoption from Board of Commissioners

Progress To-Date:
 Date       Progress                              
 Jan 18  Presentation to Elected Officials
 Feb 9  Presentation to Management Team
 Feb 14  Presentation to Board of Commissioners
 Feb 14  Branding Survey sent to all employees
 Mar 3  Branding Survey closed (2.5 weeks to respond) 
 Mar 3-31  Staff review of survey data - report created
 Mar 31  Survey results/data sent to all employees
 May 3  Update email sent to elected officials/managers


May 3: We are currently working to put together a Request for Qualifications (RFW) that will be sent out to local graphic designers. Our goal is to have a few different draft logos created that we can then bring forward to Elected Officials and Department Managers to discuss the different options. We are planning to present at the June Elected Official and Management Team meetings with detailed updates on the RFQ process, contracting, etc.


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