Codes, Plans and Policies
Per RCW 36.70B.220 each county and city having populations of ten thousand or more that plan under RCW 36.70A.040 shall designate permit assistance staff whose function is to assist permit applicants. Clark A. Posey has been designated as permit assistance staff for Benton County. For copies of documents that are not online please contact the Planning Department at 786-5612 (Prosser) or 736-3086 (Tri-Cities). RCW 36.70B.220 also requires the County to make available a list of all current local government regulations and adopted policies that apply to the subject application and provide copies upon request.

The following is a listing of the Planning Department's codes and policies:

Note regarding code:

Please be aware that while this information is made available for your research use and convenience, it is NOT an "Official" source for citation to the Code. Errors in electronic conversion or transmission are possible. Please check official publications to ensure accuracy of citations and quotes.

The following is a list of the Benton County Code and policies that directly relate to Planning Department.  

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Title 3 Building and Construction

BCC 3.22 Manufactured Home Parks

BCC 3.26 Flood Damage Prevention

Title 4 Business Rules and Regulations

BCC 4.02 Adult Use (Entertainment) Businesses

Title 6 Health, Welfare and Sanitation

BCC 6.35 Environmental Policy

Title 7 Recreation Areas and Activities

BCC 7.30 - Fireworks

Title 9 Subdivisions       

BCC 9.04 Short Plat Subdivisions

BCC 9.06 Boundary Line Adjustments

BCC 9.08 Platting and Subdivisions

Title 10 Private Roads

BCC 10.12 Private Roads

Title 11 Zoning

  Chapter 11.04 Purpose and Definitions
Chapter 11.10 Community Center Residential District (CCR)
Chapter 11.13 Urban Growth Area Residential District (UGAR)
Chapter 14 Rural Lands One Acre District (RL 1)
Chapter 16A Rural Lands Five Acre District (RL 5)
Chapter 16B Rural Lands Twenty Acre District (RL 20)
Chapter 11.18 Growth Management Act Agricultural District (GMA AG)
Chapter 11.20 Planned Development District (PD)
Chapter 11.22 General Commercial District (GC)
Chapter 11.25 Community Commercial District (CC)
Chapter 11.27 Interchange Commercial District (IC)
Chapter 11.30 Light Industrial (LI)
Chapter 11.34 Heavy Industrial (HI)
Chapter 11.36 Landing Field District (L-F)
Chapter 11.40 Highway Scenic District (HS)
Chapter 11.46 Park District (P)
Chapter 11.48 Unclassified District (U)
Chapter 11.52 General Provisions
Chapter 11.54 Administration And Disposition Of Infractions
Chapter 11.56 Joint Airport Zoning Board
Chapter 11.65 Communication Facility Criteria

Title 15 Critical Areas and Resources

Chapter 15.10 General Provisions

Chapter 15.15 Wetlands

Chapter 15.20 Rivers And Creeks

Chapter 15.25 Critical Aquifer Recharge/Interchange Areas

Chapter 15.30 Frequently Flooded Areas

Chapter 15.35 Geologically Hazardous Areas

Chapter 15.40 Fish And Wildlife Conservation Areas

Chapter 15.45 Mineral Resources Areas

Title 16 Growth Management

Chapter 16.14 Amendments to the Benton County Comprehensive Plan            

Title 17 Permit Review Process 

Chapter 17.10 Permit Review Process

Chapter 17.20 Hearing Examiner System

Title 18 Coordinating Government Regulation of Land & Natural Resource Use

Chapter 18.02 Coordinating Government Regulation Of Land And Natural Resources Use

Adopted Plans:

 Adopted Policies:
  • Adopted County - County-Wide Planning Policies
  • Adopted Benton County Water Resource Policy

Department Policies:

General Subdivision Policies
As provided in the Planning Department Office
General Short Plat Policies
As provided in the Planning Department Office
General Zoning Policies
As provided in the Planning Department Office
Zoning Interpretations
As provided in the Planning Department Office


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