2017 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update

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Benton County is in the process of updating it Comprehensive Plan.  This update is part of the periodic update that Counties and Cities conduct every ten years in accordance with the State Growth Management Act.  This update will be finalized in mid-2017.  Benton County would like input from residents, business owners, property owners, and community groups.  We want your input regarding the County’s future and want to hear from as many people as possible.

The Comprehensive Plan is a document that is used to manage development in Benton County and will provide direction on how the county will grow and function in the next twenty years.  The document consists of “Elements” such as land use, transportation, natural resources, economics, utilities, housing and more.

The Board of County Commissioners on February 13, 2018 approved the adoption of the 2017 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update.   Please note that the decision by the Board of County Commissioners is appealable in accordance with applicable state and local laws. 

NOTICE OF ADOPTION of Ordinance #600 and Resolution 2018-137 - Approving the 2017 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update

Ordinance 600 & Resolution 2018-137 (including Exhibits A, B, B-1, C and C-1), adopting the 2017 Comprehensive Plan Update-Feb 2018 with the Map Folio (Appendix A) 
               Appendix BAppendix CAppendix D,  Appendix E,  Appendix F,  Appendix G,  
               Appendix H
Appendix IAppendix J,  Appendix K,  Appendix L,  Appendix M,



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Benton County's current Comprehensive Plan can be found here.

Items currently before the Planning Commission can be found here.

Public Participation

Our Public Participation Plan spells out the Planning Department's process for providing the public with opportunities to be involved in our 2017 Comprehensive Plan Update.  View our Public Participation Plan here.


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