Help us name the new trail on Candy Mountain!
Posted on Friday May 26, 2017
The new trail needs to be given a name! Submit your ideas to!

The Candy Mountain Preserve was established by action of the Benton County Commissioners on June 28, 2016.  The new 1.70-mile trail to the summit was completed by Friends of Badger Mountain volunteer crews in the fall, with more than 150 volunteers investing over 1700 hours of labor and hauling some 180 tons of gravel.  A new parking lot has been constructed at the trailhead, with other amenities being added.

The new trail needs to be given a name!

The Benton County Park Board will select a name for the new trail this summer.  The trail will have been open for public use for several months by that time, giving visitors a chance to experience the trail and think about what parts of that experience inspire them.

Similar trails on Badger Mountain have the following names:

  • Canyon Trail (2005): The first trail built, hiker only, ascending to the summit from Trailhead Park.
  • Skyline Trail (2006, 2010): The second trail, multi-use, generally following the ridgeline west-to-east from Westgate Trailhead, built in two discreet stages in 2006 and 2010.
  • Sagebrush Trail (YEAR): The third trail, multi-use, connecting the east end of Skyline with the lower portion of Canyon.
  • Langdon Trail (2014): The last trail added in 2014, multi-use, connecting with Skyline at both ends after winding for 2½ miles along the southern base of the mountain, named to honor long-time Friends trailmaster, Jim Langdon.

Rules for Trail Name Submissions:

  • The name must be 9 characters or less. This is for signage and mapping purposes.  Shorter names are easier to remember and say, and easier to fit onto signs, maps, and other documents.
  • The name must be a “common word”.  Obscure, foreign language, or otherwise unfamiliar words that people may have difficulty pronouncing or remembering don’t work well.
  • The name cannot be too similar to existing names listed above.  Words that sound too much like the existing trail names or have synonymous meanings are not good.  Names like “Ravine” Trail or “Hopsage” Trail would not be appropriate.

How to Submit a Name Suggestion:

    You may submit as many suggestions as you like, and you may submit anonymously.  You may simply suggest the name, or you can add a sentence or two about why you think the suggestion would be a good name for the new trail.  To suggest a name, please send an email to the following address with “TRAIL NAME” in the subject line:

    Selection Process:

    There is no hard cut-off date for submissions.  The Park Board will take the matter up either in July or August, based on how things are going.  We’re not in a rush.  Once a name is chosen, County staff will begin updating maps, signs, and other documents as appropriate.

    Thank you for your interest and participation. You can also find a complete list of the names that were nominated in 2014 for what would eventually become the “Langdon Trail” below.

    Names Nominated in 2014 for what would become the Langdon Trail:

    Apple Orchard       Badger Canyon       Badger Coulee
    Badger Sage      Bombing Range      Bunchgrass
    Chukar      Cougar      Coyote
    Denier      Desert View      Dogtrot
    Elevation      Endurance      Friendship
    Gullies      Grant-Hoza      Ice Age
    Jackrabbit      Kamiakin      Lake Lewis Shoreline
    Langdon      Orchard      Trail Sage
    Pleasant      Raptor      Sandy Loam
    Seahawk      Serenity      Si'ki
    Southern Crest      South Loop      Southside
    Sunny      Sunset      Sur Side
    Unity      Vista      Yellow Bell

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